Test Blog

An example using the official Bootstrap template.


This is a test of using a Bootstrap blog template with my own PHP code. The blog is database driven, allowing articles to be added easily. This avoids having to alter HTML pages manually.

Utilising boilerplate Bootstrap code should result in a faster turnaround of PHP projects as the HTML/CSS/Javascript used should be compatible out of the box with the majority of device/browser combinations.

The pagination employed is a little different from the previous test blog project, as the side bar in the template allows for the filtering of month/year combinations. The template uses just 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons.

The PHP code uses classes. The code performs error checking to ensure that an article exists before displaying it on its own page. To improve security, it uses prepared statements. This is important as data is passed in via the URL. The back end allows for articles to be removed from publication, without having to delete them permanently.