Codeword Solver

A codeword puzzle is a type of puzzle found in newspapers and magazines, where you must use the numbers printed in squares on a crossword-like grid to work out the letters used.
This online tool can help you find the words needed to solve your puzzle or at least narrow down the amount of words that would fit into the puzzle.


Type the letters already known in the puzzle in the correct sequence into the 'Pattern' field in the form above, using an underscore character where the letter is unknown('_').

Click the 'Search' button when finished to generate possible results.

Example Patterns

Extra Features

If you have already found letters elsewhere in your puzzle, you can prevent these from being used in the listed possible results by typing them into the 'Remove' field (10 maximum).

As an added feature, if you suspect a single repeated pattern in the codeword is a vowel, you can use a '#' symbol in the pattern for each of these occurrences. This will limit the results to only show results with a vowel in that position.

Where words are found that consist of entirely unique letters, these will be listed in a 'unique letters' section.

Words that contain two or more letters that are the same will be listed in the 'duplicated letters' section. The numbers listed alongside indicate how many times individual letters are used, where there are two or more occurrences. This makes it easier to spot unique patterns found in the results.


Unknown letter = _
Singular vowel pattern = #
Type in letters already found into the remove field to remove from results (10 maximum).

Example Patterns

This tool is not suitable for solving crosswords due to the logic needed for resolving codewords. Mainly due to the fact that once a letter is discovered in a codeword, the letter cannot appear again in an unknown part of the pattern. This is not the case with a crossword.

D Brien