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Annual Leave Application

Test Mode

This is test code for an application to record annual leave for employees.

The application will allow for different types of leave to be recorded(annual leave, public holidays and reserved holidays such as shutdowns).

Dates entered will be checked before acceptance to ensure that they are valid dates and are not already recorded. The application will allow for leave allowance to be set on an individual basis and will not allow extra leave to be booked if the full allowance has already been reached.

The calendar is user defined and does not need to just span from January to December. The calendar can cope with being set for the tax year or from any given date and even start from the middle of a month.

A mode can also be enabled to grey out weekend days in the calendar output and prevent days being booked that fall over a weekend.

This is optional as some companies may be open for business during weekends.

Colour coding is used to identify different types of leave in the calendar.

Dates used are in UK format.


Recording and output of half-days is now functional

Improved UI with collapsible sections - [+] / [-]

Leave by week breakdown view added in both 'Leave by Department' and 'Leave by Company'.

Improved responsive menu.

Inclusion of job titles.

Calculation of length of service for each employee.

Leave Dates tables adapt to show AM and PM indicator if leave booked as AM or PM only.

Still work in progress - Click on the above menus for a live demonstration.