Image Work

This site contains a number of images processed from original photos to demonstrate skills with photo editing. Techniques employed include masking, colour manipulation, transparency layers, sharpening, framing and cloning.

Cloning and Restoration

These images show the utilisation of the cloning tool to repair imperfections on photographs. Images displayed have been resized for use on this page. The images shown by default are the images after processing. Hover your mouse over the image to show the image before any adjustments were made.

Work carried out on an old photograph to remove damage caused by ageing and storage. Crease marks, dust and scratches have been removed by cloning where possible. Subtle sharpening has been employed in the foreground to emphasise the subjects.

Cloning tool used to remove the white post poking above the fence. Cloned leaves in the background to reduce the yellowing shown in the foliage. Removed yellow toy on the right of image by extending the fence downwards. Removed small bruise on arm.