Image Work

This site contains a number of images processed from original photos to demonstrate skills with photo editing. Techniques employed include masking, colour manipulation, transparency layers, sharpening, framing and cloning.

Masking and Transparency

The examples below show images before and after masking. Source photographs are displayed on the left-hand side of the page. Images to the right show the masked images that have been extracted from the original photo. The images shown on the right-hand side have been saved in PNG format with a transparent background to allow the background colour of the web page to be used. The original source images on the left have been reduced in resolution and size for display on this page.

Multatuli Multatuli Masked

A number of blemishes have also been removed from the original image by way of cloning, to clean up the base of the statue.

Mopeds Moped Masked

Bodywork marks removed by cloning. Cream seat brightened. Contrast and brightness adjustments to improve the image.

Flower Market Plant

The flowers isolated on the right have been extracted from a section in the bottom-right corner of the larger image. This particular image was chosen due to the difficulty of masking involved. Plain backgrounds are fairly easy to mask, whereas detailed backdrops are complex.